Infrared Technology Allows for Thorough Inspections

At Reliance Gregg’s Home Services, we use the best technology to set ourselves apart from our competitors. With our infrared technology, not only can we find and correct any repair issues with your furnace, duct system, or air conditioner, we can also ensure the safety of your family.

Furnace Inspection

For your comfort and safety, it is crucial to have a properly working furnace, and it is our job to give you peace of mind. That’s why we use an infrared camera during all furnace inspections. These cameras enable our HVAC technicians to quickly diagnose any problem, and allow the customer to see problems for themselves. This technology allows us to properly diagnose any issues your furnace may have, instead of relying on flashlights and mirrors that don’t always reveal the issue.

We can also use our infrared camera to look inside your air conditioner or duct system to identify major issues like dust and mold. Our camera technology allows us to show the customer the problem directly so that they better understand the issue. We firmly believe in educating our customers so that they can become an active part of our process.

The videos below are an example of the technologies we’ve invested in here at Reliance Gregg’s Home Services. You’ll see some examples of how we’ve used this technology to take a closer look at indoor air quality and filtration issues, and also some examples of failure found in heat exchangers.