Don’t let a broken furnace leave you in the cold. Schedule your mid-winter furnace tune-up — and save over 25% for a limited time.*

Two Great Offers to Choose From:

  1. Save over 25% on a 21-point furnace tune-up and help ensure your furnace is in good working condition (regular $163, now $119.99)*
  2. Save over 25% on a 21-point furnace tune-up + water heater inspection (regular $189, now $139.99)**

You’ll likely spend hundreds of dollars to heat your home this winter. The least you could do is invest to help ensure your furnace is running smoothly.

That’s precisely what our 12-Point Furnace Tune-Up is all about. Here’s how you could benefit:

  • Lower energy costs. A professionally cleaned system will operate more efficiently, which can lower your utility bills.
  • Lower repair costs. Your tune-up could reveal minor furnace problems before they become costly repairs.
  • Greater peace of mind. Your technician will give your furnace a safety inspection, including checking for hazardous carbon monoxide.
  • Longer furnace life. Because a clean furnace runs efficiently, it may have a longer life span.

A neglected furnace can break down unexpectedly, costing you money, worry and time. Plus, why risk the discomfort and hassles of a cold house this winter?

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Why choose Reliance Gregg’s?

  • Live 24/7 telephone support anytime the unexpected happens
  • Friendly and excellent service from Reliance Gregg’s Technical Advisors
  • Access to licensed technicians with years of experience in HVAC maintenance and repairs
  • More than 1.7 million customers trust Reliance – with over 50 years of delivering quality service to Canadian homes, you can too

Questions? We have answers.

  • A furnace tune-up is preventative maintenance that ensures furnace equipment is in good working condition and generating and circulating enough warm air to heat your home.
  • A Reliance technician will inspect all major furnace components used to generate and circulate warm air, including the gas valve, igniter, heat exchanger and venter motor.
  • In order to ensure safety in the home, the Reliance technician measures CO levels both inside the home and in the furnace exhaust using a Combustion Analyzer.
  • The Reliance technician will call ahead before arriving to confirm your address and the service you’ve booked for that day.
  • Whenever possible, the technician will park on the road and keep your driveway free.
  • For an AC tune-up, the technician may ask if you have an outdoor hose that can reach the condenser unit on the outside of the home, in case a thorough cleaning is required.
  • Entering the home, the technician will keep boots on for safety and wear boot covers to keep your floors clean.
  • Entering the mechanical room where you keep your furnace and AC equipment, the Reliance technician will quickly flag any hazardous products that should not be beside the furnace.
  • The technician will examine the thermostat and proceed with steps to clean, assess and enhance the performance of your unit.
  • If there is anything you should be concerned about the technician will explain it in simple, non-technical terms and offer options on what you can do about it.
  • After completing the service call, the technician will provide you with a written checklist and assessment of the work done that day.

No. Anyone can clean the surface parts of a furnace or AC unit but only a licensed technician is able to inspect and judge the condition of key functional parts (especially those that have the most wear and tear), optimize gas pressure with a manometer, test CO levels with a combustion analyzer and take apart important compartments for an up-close examination and investigation.